How to save kids from video game addiction?

In this world of game consoles and modern computers, there exists a word like addiction of video game. Actually, it’s a mental disorder which can strike any of a person without us knowing it. So how would you know if your kids or anyone who is dear to you is addicted to games by Release Game Studio? Here is a simple feedback form for you to check whether s/he is addicted to games:

  • Does he or she feel happy when they are playing their game and are online, but as early as they’ve to stop they become irritable, angry, or upset?
  • Does she or he seem to be disinterested or distracted in doing his/her supposed chores however despite goes online or play on their console?
  • Does he or she constantly talk about their achievements in a game?
  • Does he or she begin to show signs of sleeping disorders and unhygienic practices?
  • Does s/he spend time on the game console or a keyboard than physically hang-out with family and friends?
  • Do they have a tendency to lie when they have been asked about their game time?
  • Do they have a problem controlling time which they spend on a game console or on a computer playing games from Release Game Studio, spending a couple of hours of play time when s/he planned to play for fifteen minutes?
  • Do they have a tendency to get up in few hours of a night just to check their emails, upgrade their items and weapons, or check-in characters?
  • When you confront the partner regarding their game addiction, do they become instantly defensive and has a tendency to refute it?
  • Does he or she spend too much money for their game console or online game?


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