The best way to braize your meat

Dutch ovens are cylinder-shaped, heavy gauge cooking pots with close-fitting lids. The versatility of the oven is such that it can be used either on a range top or in the oven. The oven is usually constructed of heavy metal or ceramic which provides constant heat from all directions to the food being cooked inside the pot. The Dutch oven can be used for a multitude of purposes that make it a truly multipurpose tool.

Which Dutch oven to purchase?

One of the most amazing and top rated ovens of this type are the Staub Dutch oven. These are cast iron ovens which make them the best type of ovens. Whenever people are asked to rate these type of ovens, the Staub Dutch oven always comes out on top. These ovens found their origin in France where they were initially made. One of the features that sets this brand apart from another type of ovens is that it comes packaged with its standard issue metal knobs. These metal knobs are an important part of any Dutch oven but have to be ordered separately with other brands. However, the Staub Dutch oven provides you the complete package by giving you the pot and knobs together.

Features of this oven

The interior of this oven comprises of black matte enamel finish. This just doesn’t only make the interior look more lustrous but also makes it nonstick. You can easily cook all types of food inside without the fear that the food may stick to the pot and burn. The interior finish also makes sure that the interior is more resistant to scratches and chips as compared to other brands of the Dutch oven. However, we haven’t talked about the best feature just yet. The best part is that even after years and years of use, the interior of the pot won’t discolor.