People who travel often worry about what they eat at their destinations, and the effects these foods might have on them. It is also understandable when people do not want to eat local foods, but eating what people in your holiday destination eat, is a great way to get a full travel experience.

In many holiday destinations, locals go the extra mile to ensure that their foods attract tourists and help them share their culture with them.

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Below are some reasons you should eat local foods at your holiday destinations.

1.      Shows You Care for the Community

Eating local foods at your holiday destination can help show locals that you care about their community, and you are not just there to only see the place. Food brings togetherness amongst people. If you are in a restaurant and the attendant observes that you are ordering local food, it tells them that you want to be a part of the community by eating their food.

2.      Sustain the Environment

Local foods are mostly grown by farmers in the community and eating local foods when you are on holiday means that you are supporting the farmers in that community, and helping them sustain their environment through the benefits of planting food. Also, traveling with food exposes the food to carbon that is unhealthy for you. So, it is always advised to eat local foods when you are on vacation.

3.      Get Fresh Food

Seasonal foods are always available for consumption in their seasons, locally. Eating local foods when you are on holiday means that you get fresh food that has not traveled for miles and hours.

You get to eat healthy and fresh food on your holiday if you choose local foods. It could also spark a conversation between you and the local business owners about how the foods are grown and the health benefits of the foods.

4.      Explore the Culture

Food is a part of people’s culture. In every culture, there are foods peculiar to them, in taste, flavor, and cooking process. Eating local foods is one of the ways you explore the culture of the people living in your holiday destination. It opens you up to new experiences and might even help you discover new favorite food.

5.      Get Relevant Knowledge

When you eat foods that are locally produced, you not only experience and explore the culture in the place, you also get valuable information about the people and their food. Knowing how people make and eat their food, the ingredients they use, and the story behind each dish can contribute to your travel experience, making it both wonderful and memorable.


Food is a significant part of people’s culture in every part of the world. You can get insights into the way of life of people from their foods. Eating local foods when you travel presents you to locals as a socially responsible tourist.