6 Things to Consider When You Are Purchasing a Beach Blanket

beach towel


Beach time is fun and exciting because the beach provides you with one of the best ways to relax and enjoy the outdoors. You get to unwind and have a lovely time with your family and friends. However, when planning your little beach adventure, you need specific items such as sunglasses, sunscreen, swimsuits, and umbrella. Also, the best beach towel will make the day better.


Meanwhile, you should be concerned with the quality of the beach blanket you will take along to the beach because it will have a significant impact on your experience. To purchase the right microfiber towel, here are six things to consider.


  1. Size

You need to choose the perfect size based on your height and preference when purchasing a beach blanket. The full size microfiber beach towel offered by GoBreezie is 63*31 inches which will be big enough for any adult. But if you are looking for a bigger one which can conveniently contain your family and friends, then check on the size carefully before making the purchase. Full sized towel now is the most trendy one like the tesalate towel.


  1. Will The Beach Blanket Be Sand Resistant?

Know that you don’t want sand around your food and face when you are on the beach that is why you need a beach towel that repels sand. If sand easily clings to the blanket, it can be a significant challenge as the sand could damage your washer over time. Fortunately, the GoBreezie sand-free beach towels provides the ultimate solution. It is cool to have the a beautiful beach towel that also repel sand for you.


  1. Does It Dry Quick?

When purchasing a designer beach towel, you should check if it dries fast. The towel will be exposed to water and moisture on the beach, and you would not want to pack a wet or soaked blanket with other items when leaving the beach. A microfiber beach towel that dries as quickly as possible is clearly the best towel ever. The quick drying towel that I’ve tried are GoBreezie, Tesalate.


  1. Is It Absorbent?

It might be challenging to find the beach blanket that is sand-free and at the same absorbent, I am glad that I’ve got one to recommend to the readers. The GoBreezie microfiber beach towel is super absorbent and sand doesn’t stick to it even when it is wet. This small towel holds up a liter of water without being soggy.


  1. Is It Travel-friendly?

When looking for the best beach towel, consider it’s weight. Is it compact and small? Can it be packed easily in the tote/backpack? This is crucial because most of the cases you will be carrying several items along.


  1. Does It Look Great?

The beach blanket that you are going to purchase must look great. Online towel sellers who featured with vibrant colors are GoBreezie Tesalate and Sandcloud. Some people might think the looking is not important, but believe it or not, if you see other people around you are all having an amazing vibrant towel, then you would like to have one to. Let the GoBreezie beautiful beach towel color your beach day!