Why is the Day Tours Slovenia Successful Hypnosis for Travelers to Love Nature More?

Come to Slovenia, try to know how to pronounce the name of its capital Ljubljana (“Loob-yana”). This exotic country offers the best secret day tours Slovenia in Europe, which is sometimes still unknown to many tourists. Natural panorama in the form of green mountains and colorful flower fields waits to be visited.

The small town is decorated with stunning blue lake

The first day tours Slovenia is the beautiful city of Bled which is surrounded by towering mountain views and a stretch of flower fields which are presented right in front of the window. Meanwhile, the panoramic view of the clear blue water lake surrounds a small island that has an old church right in the middle. Bled city residents are very friendly and happy to greet  every tourist coming there. This can be one of the right choices on your day tours Slovenia.

Spend some time relaxing or swimming around the lake or go hiking to the mountain of Osojnica. The scene of Bled here really looks like a background on a postcard.

Sports activities in the Triglav National Park

The Triglav National Park is also equally beautiful for one of your day tours Slovenia. The steep cliffs are ready to welcome visitors to the thrilling adrenaline day tours Slovenia. Meanwhile, on the north side, there is a castle that lives on a cliff.

Many tourists visit this largest national park of Slovenia for recreation with family. Some like swimming, canyoning or even rafting. Well, any of these activities are is also recommended for one of your day trips around Slovenia.

Biking to Vintgar Gorge

Another great idea how to spend one of the  day tours Slovenia is cycling from the city of Bled to the Vintgar Gorge. Along with this path, cyclists can enjoy the views, normally seen in  in Hollywood films.

About one hour is needed to walk along the 1.6 km trail of the gorge, with  crossing the cliff above a crystal clear river. Most interestingly, after entering in the canyon in Podhom and out of Zasip (traveling west to east), cyclists can find hidden Slovenian gems.

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